The home of diplomacy

This home, which is located in Gjirokaster in the southern Albania, was built by a rich and important family, named Fico, in the 16th century. The family descendants were men of letters and particularly one of the family members had studied political science and had evolved into a great diplomat. This great man of diplomacy, named Rauf Fico (1881-1944), had exercised an important influence at that time in the local politics. As the family was growing bigger and bigger, they decided to build four more houses around that one, which communicated through crypts. It is noteworthy that some parts of the interior home functioning as fortresses have remained unchanged. Even today there are still family descendants that now live in one of these houses, which were built long after the construction of the home of diplomacy.

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    This home (The Home of Diplomacy) tottering almost sold of the last descendants of the family Fico Xhuvi Ropi 1975. It remained so until the early 2000 where Ropi family decided to try to restore it by holding its primary form and Muslim pace making the interior space so as to accommodate modern needs while traveling in another era.

    After much effort and personal effort and family time the house was able to be completed in 2010 and used as a guesthouse in 2016 by opening its doors to tourists from around the world who decide to make this trip and visit this particular area and city of Albania.

    The neighborhood

    The House is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods (Palorto) of Gjirokastra, 300 metres from the historic centre of the old town. The same alley a few meters further down is the House where Ismail Kadare was born and awarded with the Nobel Laureate for literature. Nearby Ismail Kadare’s home, the house of Dictator Enver Xoxha is located.

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